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Criminal Offenses

The Law Offices of J. Robert Yates excels in representation of people charged with Criminal Offenses In both Circuit and District Court.

We will take your case to trial, and work to present the best possible defense.

For most people’s criminal defense needs, the Kentucky Court System has two parts.

The first part is District Court. People charged with violations such as speeding tickets are addressed in District court.

Additionally, misdemeanor cases such as shoplifting, marijuana possession, most domestic violence charges, bad checks, and driving under the influence, are addressed in district court.

Even a misdemeanor conviction can have a significant impact on an individual’s life. Besides potentially having to serve up to one year in the county jail, people convicted of misdemeanors may become ineligible for certain jobs, lose their right to carry or own a firearm, or be prohibited from participating in their children’s activities.

We will work with you to formulate the best defense to address any concerns and future consequences you may encounter, when charged with a violation or misdemeanor.

Also, many people convicted of misdemeanors may be eligible for expungement, allowing the removal of the offense from their record.

Most Juvenile charges are pursued in District Court.

Also, when a person is charged in District Court with a felony, the court acts as a screen in determining if there is probable cause for the felony charge to be pursued in Circuit Court,

The second potential part of the local court system most clients encounter is circuit court. In Circuit Court individuals charged with felony criminal offenses such as drug possession, drug trafficking, fire arm offenses, assault, murder, rape, and financial crimes are handled in circuit court.

Besides, potentially forcing a person to serve anywhere from one year to life in prison, a felony conviction has dire consequences. A felony conviction prohibits an individual from voting or owning a firearm. A felony conviction prevents a person from holding a professional license and makes an individual ineligible for employment.

Again, we will work to formulate your best defense for and address the concerns of any person charged with a felony. Additionally, we will file any post conviction motions such as shock probation or appeals.